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My introduction to snowmobiling began in 1970.

My father had acquired a new 1969 Ski-Doo Olympic snowmobile and a cart to transport the family.

Back home, there was a huge vacant lot (fields) before residential development and we were snowmobiling regurlarly, I often made trips to my little sister.

At the age of 12, I got my snowmobile license after an exam at the BVA (Bureau des Vehicules Automobiles).

I remember when I was 16, I was snowmobiling alone on a Ski-Doo Nordik 1980 snowmobile with other snowmobilers. Previously it was only in the fields near my home according to my memory.

My father working at Bombardier (1971-1990) had since 1973, snowmobiles provided by the company to promote it to sales. So, over the years, I tried all these snowmobiles until 1987. Subsequently I bought my own snowmobiles.

My snowmobile trips began in 1987, and since then I have been going on an adventure with a group of friends from 7 to 10 days every winter.

Even today, I do as much snowmobiling as possible and still travel. You will find on my site my snowmobiles, travel photos, videos ans statistics.

Marc Boulard

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